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Easts Cycling Club

Cycling Club in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for all levels of cycling and the home of Heffron Park Tuesday Night Racing


Tuesday Night Racing

Held each Tuesday evening at Heffron Park in Maroubra throughout daylight saving months, is widely regarded as the best criterium racing on the Sydney calendar.




Grassroots Cycling

Eastern Suburbs CC Juniors has the very simple goal of getting kids on bikes in order to teach them correct bike skills, riding safely within a group and general road safety in a fun and friendly environment, and then for some, guide them further into a racing environment.

Throughout the last couple of years Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club has approached both corporate and local businesses in the hope they would join in the spirit of the project and assist us with much needed financial support. We are proud to say we have had a 100 per cent success rate with the familiar names we approached.

Financial Sponsorship has allowed us to invest in bicycles and bicycle-related equipment in order to promote the project to our local youth and their parents as a free alternative to other various sporting activities currently on offer.


Sessions are currently held at Heffron Park Bike Track in Maroubra each Saturday afternoon from 1.30pm – 3.00pm. We take the opportunity to invite the children to remain after their training and watch the senior riders participate in Saturday afternoon racing which starts at 3pm.


The last thing we want to do is disappoint an eager face on the day, so if you would like your child to participate in our cycling programme, please be sure to contact the club via email and we will forward details on when next session is and forms required to start. Contact us and help us to get more kids in Sydney on bikes!


Children who do not possess a bike of their own or would like to gain experience riding a racing bike are welcome to make use of our equipment each week at our cycling sessions. The use of the equipment is offered free of charge once you have joined the club, as are the one-hour weekly training sessions (please note we only have a limited supply of bikes so it is first in first served). It is our aim to expose the members of the ESCC Juniors to the many cycling events in and around Sydney, encouraging them to participate in club races and social fun rides as a proud member of our cycling programme.


Joins Easts Cycling Club

There are various categories of membership available to choose from. All categories entitle you to insurance cover, membership with the club, access to qualified trainers, newsletters and ability to participate in club rides/events. It then becomes a decision on whether you wish to race or not.

If you have no wish to race, but enjoy the club training rides that are registered with Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia, you can join under the ‘Ride’ category which is a non-competitive membership but entitles you to enter club training rides and limited events only. For open events, and racing you will need to apply for a ‘Gold’ racing license.

Our Sponsors

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